Processing of Applications Allocated to a Judicial Formation

   * When the Registry receives the completed application form, the application is “allocated to a judicial formation” which opens the way to judicial examination.

Delivered Judgments
Applications allocated to a Judicial Formation
Violations by Subject Matter
Just Satisfaction Claimed by the Applicants and Awarded by the European Court

* The calculation of the sums presented in this graphic is based on the European Court of Human Rights final judgments.

** The amounts claimed as just satisfaction in AMD, GBP, USD are converted into EUR based on the RA Central Bank exchange rates applicable, when judgment was delivered.

*** The graphic does not include the just satisfaction amounts of the case of "Vardanyan and Nansuhyan v. Armenia" as the Court has not yet delievered a judgment on just satisfaction.

Pending and Closed Cases

* The number of “pending cases” indicates the cases pending before the Committee of Ministers for the supervision of execution. As to “closed cases” - Committee of Ministers closed the supervision of the case by a final resolution.